Get a Jump Start to Personalization

75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer that personalizes their digital journey. It’s time to get personal.

Getting started with personalization is no easy task, particularly if you don’t have an informed plan in place to guide your digital hand.

To help speed up your journey to delivering more personalized customer experiences, we’ve created the Jump Start to Personalization package.

Here’s what the package entails:

What We’ll Do

  • Technical Review: We will check your brand’s existing technologies for personalization capability, functionality, and configuration ability
  • Priority Audience & User Journey Assessment: We will work with you to determine the audience of greatest opportunity, and their needs, and how digital touchpoints can help.
  • Brand & Content Assessment: During this phase, we will check existing content-to-user relevance to ascertain whether or not your brand has enough relevant content to be personalized – and give you a plan for how to develop relevant content if it doesn’t.

What You’ll Get

After we do our part, here’s what you can expect to get out of the Personalization Jump Start Package:

  • Current state summary of personalization readiness
  • Recommendation for one priority audience to “jump start”
  • Gap Assessment
  • Action plan & next steps